About Us

We are Nicole and David Mouton, Portland residents since 2001, originally from South Louisiana. Together, we opened Screen Door on a shoestring budget in 2006. It was a true labor of love, with friends and family and our earliest employees all banding together to open a neighborhood restaurant. Our concept is capturing and sharing all that is quintessential in our own history and experience of southern foodways layered with what we like to think of as northwest food values. This means eating local, eating fresh from the garden, being passionate about food and about where it comes from. To us, this is a perfect marriage of southern comfort food decadence and valuing and honoring the rich bounty of foods produced by our local farmers here in our region. This meeting place of fried and fresh helps describe our food, but to really understand us is to consider the meaning of hospitality. Our business is built on what brings me personally, joy. The idea that it is truly more gratifying to give than to receive and that even after twelve years, I never cease to feel a thrill at having the opportunity to share our food, our story and our history with so many people week after week in this beautiful city that we call home.

Our Staff

When we hire new employees, we seek people that share this same value of feeling passionate about hospitality. Along the way since we opened we have had the great fortune to work with so many wonderful people that have a deep understanding of service, many of whom have been with us for ten or more years. Our Executive Chef, Dan Grill has worked with us for nearly a decade and has been Executive Chef since 2017 providing a steady hand on our menu while forging deep relationships with our local farmers and providers. His talent, depth of knowledge and commitment to empowering through teaching serve our staff and culture well.  We never compromise on our standards for quality and consistency. Our line cooks learn not only what it takes to work in a busy kitchen, but the skills necessary to move on and up in their careers.

Our Operations Manager, Sarah Peters, has worked with us for well over ten years and literally wrote the book on what service means to us in our business so that we can effectively train our new employees. Our Pastry Chef, Erin Eberlein-Sage, has been baking our biscuits and all of our desserts since 2009! Sous Chefs Martha Pearson and Jason Broome have been with us since 2011 and 2013 respectively. Our General Manager Shaun McDonald has been with us for over 5 years. Ben Alexander, Miguel Aguilar and Sam Moyle have been with us practically since day one, and the list goes on and on. We have such heartfelt gratitude for the level of care and effort that our co-workers lead with every day. All of these wonderful people and many more make up the Screen Door team of nearly 100 employees.

Our Community

We are a locally owned business. David and I live 2 miles from the restaurant. All of the restaurant revenue goes straight back into this local economy, whether to our employees or to our vendors. Everyone likes to hear about where their food comes from, and our vendors have wonderful stories of their own. 

Here are just some of the local businesses and farmers that we get our produce, meat and dairy from:

Corfini, Bee-Licious Honey, Blue Truck Produce, Sauvie Island Growers, Cowbell Cheeses, Tuscan Bakery, Alexis, Aloha Juice, Alpenrose, Bob’s Red Mill, Grand Central, Pearl Bakery, Groundwork’s Organics, Lester Breads, Pacific Seafood, Portland French Bakery, Vibrant Valley, Zenner’s, Wobbly Cart

Your dollars not only go to supporting the local economy, but also to supporting good causes locally, nationally and abroad.

Here are just some of the organizations and schools we support:

Friends of the Children, Oregon Food Bank, Solve Oregon, Oregon Public Broadcasting, KBOO Community Radio, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Doctors Without Borders, American Cancer Society, Heifer International, Open Arms International, The Bus Project

Many Local Area Schools including:

Buckman Auction & Buckman Elementary, Irvington Auction & Irvington Elementary, Laurelhurst Academy, Northwest Academy, Portland Montessori School, All Saints Academy

Thank you

It continues to be our great honor to serve Portland as well as guests visiting our city. We are filled with gratitude to be a part of the fabric of this city and to be able to contribute to our shared community. Thank you from all of us for supporting the work that we do for these last twelve years. We look forward to serving you and your family for many years to come.