About Us

We are Nicole and David Mouton, Portland residents since 2001, originally from South Louisiana. Together, we opened Screen Door on a shoestring budget in 2006. It was a true labor of love, with friends and family and our earliest employees all banding together to open a neighborhood restaurant. Our concept is capturing and sharing all that is quintessential in our own history and experience of southern foodways layered with what we like to think of as northwest food values. This means eating local, eating fresh from the garden, being passionate about food and about where it comes from.

Our Community

All of the restaurant revenue goes straight back into the community, whether to our employees, our vendors or supporting schools as well as local & national causes.
Black Lives Matter

The Screen Door family pledges to more visibly, vocally and financially stand with the Black community in their fight for justice and reform.

Racism must be abolished now by embodying the concept that there is no neutral stance. Every action, every choice we make either detracts and diminishes our Black friends, family and neighbors or supports and increases their health, prosperity, freedom and security. “In every encounter, we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.” –Brennan Manning