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Screen Door has been
 recognized as:

The Nation’s 10 Best Restaurants by ABC News/Trip Advisor

The Best Southern Breakfast on the West Coast by The Cooking Channel

Must-try List for Serious Foodies by Glamour Magazine

Portland’s Best Bloody Marys by Portland Monthly

The Portland Tribune

“A huge factor in the Screen Door’s appeal is the stellar service.  The waiters are informed about the menu and quite efficient.  They also appear to genuinely enjoy working there.”

The Portland Monthly

“While ma-and-pa jars of pickled okra and beets line one wall and porch siding graces another, the minimal, breezy space exudes an understated elegance. And such presentation graces the plates as well: A spinach and bacon salad is ornamented by shaved Smithfield ham and glistening figs, and the roasted yellow grits cakes bear an artful topping of fresh summer vegetable succotash. But for anyone ‘spicious of such highfalutin levels of comfort, the Moutons have two words: pimiento cheese. Yes’m, they’ve got that too.”