Screen Door BBQ Platter

Screen Door BBQ Platter 35.00 65.00 smoked pork shoulder w/ Carolina mustard BBQ sauce housemade Louisiana “red hot” pork sausage tender beef brisket skewer w/ Memphis-style BBQ sauce smoked fried chicken wings w/ Alabama mayo BBQ sauce all w/ housemade pickles, baked beans, coleslaw & Texas toast

Griddlestack Burger

Griddlestack Burger 17.00 two 4oz patties of griddled ground beef, stacked high w/ shredded lettuce, tillamook cheddar, pickles, red onion, mayo, ketchup & dijon on a toasted bun, served w/ french fries

Fried Chicken Dinner

Fried Chicken Dinner 24.00 crispy fried buttermilk-battered chicken breast & thigh  w/ buttery mashed potatoes & tasso ham gravy & your choice of coleslaw or collard greens

Seafood Jambalaya

Seafood Jambalaya 28.00 blackened local rockfish over paella-style rice w/ andouille sausage, crawfish, tomatoes & trinity, topped w/ pimiento pepper aioli

Screen Door Plate

Screen Door Plate 22.00 choose 3 options from the Dinner Sides & Local Organics below to build your own Screen Door Plate. Chicken tenders as an item adds $1.00 for each order & catfish or oysters as an item adds $2.00 for each order

Chicken & Waffles

Chicken & Waffles 1 piece 16.00 2 piece 21.00 3 piece 28.00 choose 1, 2 or 3 pieces of Screen Door’s famous buttermilk-battered fried chicken breast(s), sweet potato waffle, & syrup