Black Lives Matter

In 2006 Screen Door was founded on the idea of creating a common communal space where everyone and anyone felt welcome. Over the last fourteen years we have been blessed by the response. More than anything else, we and our staff feel most grateful that we go to work daily and get to share our love of food and service with an immensely diverse family of patrons. Maybe this bringing people together made us feel that we were doing something. We were wrong. It is not enough.

We at Screen Door acknowledge our privilege and choose to use our platform to make it clear that Black lives matter. Starting now the Screen Door family pledges to more visibly, vocally and financially stand with the Black community in their fight for justice and reform. We are as sad and sickened as we are angry and outraged. We want our Black friends, family, and neighbors to know that we stand with you.

The murder and destruction of innumerable Black lives over the course of centuries is an affront to our fundamental shared humanity. Everyone should be speaking up. Everyone should be outraged. Everyone should make the choice to actively support the Black community.

There is no staying out of this. There is no ignoring it. There is no thinking things will sort themselves out or someone else will do it. Passivity at this moment is complicit with the structures that allow and cause horrific injustices to take place.

Racism must be abolished now.

Racism must be abolished now by embodying the concept that there is no neutral stance. Every action, every choice we make either detracts and diminishes our Black friends, family and neighbors or supports and increases their health, prosperity, freedom and security. “In every encounter, we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.” Brennan Manning

Each month, we’re donating to the following organizations. When we get to this time next year, we’ll repeat the same organizations or add new ones that support Black lives.

June – Black Lives Matter

July – The Bail Project

August – Center for Policing Equity

September – Black Mama’s Bail Out Fund

October – Urban League of Portland

November – Portland African American Leadership Forum

December – Color of Change

January – NAACP Legal Defense Fund

February – The Innocence Project

March – Southern Poverty Law Center

April – American Civil Liberties Union Foundation

May – Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund

June – Repeat Indefinitely!