Screen Door is located at 2337 East Burnside St., Portland, Oregon 97214 and may be reached at (503) 542 0880.


Monday – Thursday: 8am to 2pm (bfast & lunch), 5:30pm to 9pm (dinner)
Friday: 8am to 2pm (bfast & lunch), 5:30pm to 10pm
Saturday: 9am to 2:30pm (brunch), 5:30 to 10pm (dinner)
Sunday: 9am to 2:30pm (brunch), 5:30 to 9pm (dinner)

We are primarily a walk in restaurant.

Does Screen Door accept reservations?
Yes, for parties of 6-12 people OR if you require special accommodation.  We can only make reservations for the first seating of the dining room (dinner: 5:30pm, Weekend Brunch: 9:00am) and have learned through trial and error that we really have to stick to this rule.  Please call 503-542-0880 for more information.

Are there ever shorter wait times?
Yes, our line can get crazy in the summer and for weekend brunch, and while this is a good thing for us, we also know how rough it is on you all.  What you may not know is that usually on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, day or night, you can walk in and sit right down.

Do you seat incomplete or partial parties? 
When we have a line we are sticklers for ONLY SEATING COMPLETE PARTIES. It’s the only way to keep the restaurant moving, and the wait times manageable.  Thank you for understanding.

Running late for a reservation?
If your party is running late or you are missing some people, we can only hold reservations for 15 minutes.  The longer those tables sit empty the longer the wait gets for everybody.